Roof Services.

Roofing Services

Residential Roofing Contractor
Engaging a residential roofers is tricky for several Twin Cities, MN residents. Based on your Roofing needs in Minneapolis, our experienced technicians have the capacity to offer the great roof services, with quality materials and awesome work force. Roofs Direct is one of the experienced residential roofing contractors in Minneapolis/St.Paul and surroundings. Our services are very cost-effective and your roof will be finished in an effective and quick way to complete satisfaction. We also offer roof inspection and could assist customers in selecting most reliable and most inexpensive roofing materials to use for their roofing needs. We have several varieties of roofing materials for your home to select from. Customers will have wide range to select based on their personal taste and available funds.
Residential Roofs
Roofs Direct  offers residential roofing repair services through working closely with customers. We help you through the repair process, will provide you insights for the most viable options that matches your demands and needs. Also we present the reality and give the best recommendation in accordance to your requirements, energy consumption, budget, repairs as well as maintenance costs.
Skilled Roofing professionals Minneapolis
Our roofing professionals are experienced and well-trained in all factors of home roof repair and restoration. For many years in the services we have already responded, rescued as well as restored many homes in Twin Cities areas, professionally and quickly. We will assess your condition and suggest a plan which will get your property back quickly with the lasting solution for a very reasonable price.

Residential Roof Replacement
If your residential roof has been broken or damaged and needs replacement, Roofs Direct is the best choice for professional roof replacement. With years of experience in this kind of business, we make sure that your roof is in a good condition.
Professional Roof Inspection and Maintenance
This service is very essential in making the most out of the lifespan of your residential roof. We provide a personalized roofing options according to the needs of the home owners to secure their expensive investment as well as add so many years to the existence of their roofs. We can make a customize inspection as well as maintenance plan that will fit your budget and your needs. This will make sure that your expensive investment is safe and sound.
24/7 Residential Roof Repair
We provide emergency home repair as broken roof could compromise the stability of home, which lead to costly repairs. We have knowledge and experience to handle urgent roof repair needs. Contact our roof experts to get to know more about our 24/7 residential roof repair.

Emergency Leak Repair
Our roof leak repair specialist has seen the whole thing. From tornadoes to downed trees, and a softball-sized hail, we have fielded urgent leak repair needs from worried clients who have been pummelled by them all. Contact our emergency experts now.